Citizens For Traditional Values Endorsement

Thank you to Citizens for Traditional Values for their endorsement!

Dear Gregory Creswell,
It is my pleasure to inform you that after reviewing your answers on our 2018 candidate questionnaire, our Citizens for Traditional Values PAC board is pleased to endorse your candidacy for Michigan State Representative, District 1 in the 2018 Primary Election. CTV has a 30 year history of preserving, protecting and promoting traditional values. The sanctity of life, parental rights, traditional marriage, limited government and religious freedom are of utmost importance to us and to our friends and supporters. Knowing that you also value these issues gives us great hope for the future of Michigan. This endorsement may or may not be exclusive in your race, as we have endorsed all who meet our standards and requirements. For a full listing of CTV endorsements, please visit our website. We wish you all the best as you work toward victory in August and November.
Jenni Curtin
Executive Director