Gregory Creswell for Congress (District 14)

I am running to win. And if I win, I will be defending, from within, individual

Gregory Creswell 2006 Defender of Liberty Award winner.

Gregory Creswell 2006 Defender of Liberty Award winner.

rights, the free market and fighting to return the federal government to its limited functions under the constitution. I also would be working to put this country back on the gold standard and repealing the 16TH Amendment.

1) Defend individual rights and the free market.

2) Repeal the 16TH Amendment.

3) Return this country to the gold standard.

4) Repeal all federal fees, licenses and permits.

5) Repeal all federal regulations.

6) Return the federal government to its limited functions under the U S Constitution.

I would like to see: An end to taxes and fees, which serve only to empower politicians who get perks at the expense of working people. The curtailing of government spending, and an interpretation of the U S Constitution that recognizes the rights of individuals and families to control their own property. A good economy which is only possible when the rights upon which capitalism is based on are respected. Free market reforms such as eliminating taxes and burdensome regulations. A country where people are free to engage in any peaceful and honest activity. Equal rights for mothers and fathers in custody matters. Term limits for all members of Congress; 3/terms for Representatives and 2/terms for Senators. Access to medical marijuana for sick people. A country that respects the right to keep and bear arms. A fiscally Responsible federal Government. A free-market economy, not government planning. Making necessary budget cuts. An end to corporate welfare and burdensome regulations that keep small businesses from being competitive. A free internet. Reducing the pay, perks, staff size, benefits etc of all members of Congress.

This is one of many but the national debt (above $16 trillion) is one of the biggest.