Michigan’s new Twelfth State Representative District needs true representation. As a resident of this district, I have long thought we could use better representation, and I am now stepping forward to humbly request the opportunity to be your voice in the Michigan House of Representatives.

This year voters will have a special opportunity. Voters will still have the option of voting in the Republican or Democratic primaries, but they can also chose to vote for a Libertarian in November. I have been a Libertarian since the 1980’s and the Libertarian Party remains my political home.

I look forward to speaking with you in the days ahead on how we can rise above recent setbacks and work together for a more prosperous and liberated future. For now I have included a little information about our district.

The New District 12 Boundaries

Redistricting can be confusing until we get used to it.  This year you will be electing people to represent newly partitioned districts.  Here is a page the State of Michigan has posted to help with this:


This district includes the cities of Eastpointe, Roseville, and part of Detroit.

In Detroit, Redistricting Commission selected Kilbourne Street as the Southern boundary, Kelly Road as the Eastern boundary, Gratiot Avenue  as the Western boundary, and 8 Mile Road as the Northern boundary.

Thank you for your consideration.  God bless first responders and our troops for the risk they take keeping us safe.

Truly yours,

Gregory Creswell